Season 2 - Milan 2023 Event
Children and Teens Silver Designers Package
12 Looks/Pieces
Runway Photos and Video

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5,000.00 €

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Designers Package


This document contains confidential information exclusive only for the use of the parties addressed herein. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of the document and the information contained herein is strictly prohibited.
All communication or notices about this event hereunder shall be in writing, delivered by hand or sent by mail, with proof of delivery to the address first stated above. This agreement must not be modified or altered under any circumstances without consent from the organization.
Participants may cancel one day after the first payment is rendered and is entitled to a refund of 10% of the amount paid.
The designers must adhere to the rules set by the organizers even if they are changed subsequently and whenever they are changed. Likewise, rules and conditions imposed by the venue are included amongst these set of rules.
Increase in sales of the designers is not guaranteed as well as enhancement of reputation upon designer’s showcase of collection in this event.
The organizers will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen garments and other valuables. The designers are advised to be responsible of their own properties before, during and after scheduled events. Models and security personnel will ensure that all garments worn during the showcase are properly returned and accounted for during and after the show.

Deliverables for Designers
• International models from established modeling agencies will showcase designer’s collection.
• Make-up and hair together with helpers and dressers for the models will be provided. Roller racks, hangers, steam iron and other necessary materials would be made available for the designers.
• Show runway board indicating time of the show will be provided for each of the designers.
• Red carpet backdrop and logo will be provided.
• Designers are required to provide 1 minute AVP to be shown prior to the start of the fashion show.
• State of the art stage setup, lighting, sounds and visuals will be set up together with a long catwalk. Designers may provide a loop video for backdrop if desired.
• The designers may opt to get their music mixed by the DJ hired by the organizers or provide their own music if desired.
• Choreography is set for all the shows; however, minor changes may be applied if desired by the designer.
• Each designer is required to bring minimum of one celebrity showstopper to the show. There will be one round of fashion show for each designer followed by the finale where the designer takes the stage together with the celebrity showstopper to acknowledge the crowd and close the show. A total of 20 minutes will be given for each designer’s showcase.
• Photo and video documentation of the show will be provided to the designer.
• There will be a live broadcast of the show on the screens in the venue.
• Members of the local and international media will cover and broadcast the show. There will be promotions in local and international media platforms.
• The crowd is made up of high-pro􀉹le businessmen, influential personalities, local and international celebrities, and famous fashion influencers.
• Optional: designers can request to add coverage with live TV and magazines to their package choice. The price of this add service is not included in the chosen package but is an option given by the HOME production and will be agreed directly with it.